Who Am I?

My name is Sergio Jimenez and I am originally from Madrid, Spain. I enjoy spending time with my wife, running, biking, and living a healthy lifestyle. However, I spend most of my time taking care of my two greatest accomplishments, my children. I worked for several years in the computer industry. Computer science is a big part of my life, but music is my greatest passion. I have over 20 years of experience and specialize in techno house, progressive, trance, and electronic styles.

I started listening to electronic music at the beginning of the 90’s. I was introduced to what was called ” Bakalao Route.” The Bakalao route was the biggest clubbing movement in Spain at that time. It was a movement of thousands of young Spaniards going to clubs in the metropolitan area of Valencia, especially on the road El Saler. Popular venues, such as Barraca, Spook Factory, Chocolate, Spiral, NOD, Puzzle, and ACTV, were packed every weekend with electronic music lovers, who never stopped to rest.

In the beginning, all we did was go out looking for that electronic sound that was engaging me, but not long, I realized that if I bought a stereo to make mixes, not only would make me happy but could also throw parties for my friends. This is how I started DJ. In my bedroom with my friends Mario Rasal, Jordi Bellera, my brother Kiki, and many more…

Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez DJ
Sergio Jimenez Hemiciclo

At first, all I did was go to club after club searching for that electronic sound that I was drawn to listening. I could not stop listening to this music; in fact, I think I was somewhat addicted to the sounds and rhythms particular to this genre of music. My friends always told me that this type of music was a fad and to not take it so seriously, but after spending time with me, they were as hooked as I was. I soon realized that if I bought two turn-tables and a mixer, I could create my own music. I got great joy in creating my own mixes and sharing them with my friends. Soon I was asked to play at house parties by friends and acquaintances. This is how I started to DJ.

In high school, I did not have enough money to buy all the single records that I wanted, so I had to settle with collections of the current best songs. As I earned extra cash, I was able to expand my single record collection by purchasing records at stores in Madrid, which specialized in electronic music. These specialty stores had very good techno music imported from Germany. All the money I earned working was spent buying records; I had boxes and boxes of single records.

While in Spain, I had a successful career as a DJ for large clubs in the Madrid and Ibiza areas providing both indoor and outdoor performances. My performances made significant impacts to the bottom line of the clubs. I had created a reputation for providing a fun and memorable experience for those in attendance and even had my own group of regulars that would attend all of my shows. This reputation spilled over to the clubs and improved their attendance even on nights that I didn’t perform.